Lifting the Financial Drought – Part I Dr. Robert Ampiah-Kwofie

2 August 2011, public by AWC Media

The ministry of Dr. Robert Ampiah-Kwofie set Action Worship Center ablaze as he preached from Judges chapter 6 and enlightened us about a seven-years period in which the livelihoods, economic stability, safety and prosperity of God’s people were under recurrent, severe attacks. If this was just an appetizer, you most definitely would not want to miss the meals ministered August 1-3, 2011 at 7:00 P.M.! Study Judges chapter 6 and then review the following highlights in preparation for the conference!

1) Good news! Everything has an expiration date. After seven years of severe abuse and oppression, the cries of the people of God moved him to put a stop to the destructive works of the enemies. Under the unction of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Ampiah Kwofie led us to notify the enemy that his expiration date has come. God has heard our cries and is now stepping in to end the destruction of the harvests of his people.

2) The raids and oppression of the Midianites, Amalekites and the people from the east was so bad that the Children of Israel were forced to abandon their original homes, hide themselves and take refuge in mountain caves and in the clefts of the rocks. Sometimes the economic and financial pressures force us out of position (from where God has originally intended/destined for us to be). Financial pressure can cause us to seek comfort, refuge and stability by running after things that take us off course from our divine destinies or discourage us to settle for less than what God ultimately has in mind for us. “By the power of the Holy Ghost, every alternative in our lives that has been imposed by the enemy will come to an end and collapse,” declared Dr. Ampiah-Kwofie under the prophetic anointing.

3) The Amalekites were the original enemies of the Children of Israel right after their exodus from Egypt. The Amalekites joined forces with the Midianites and the hoodlums from the east to make life miserable for God’s people. Some of the anti-harvest forces fighting against us have associated forces linked with them. Sometimes the problems are beyond what we can discern on our own. This week, God will reveal who/what is behind the Midianites in our lives.

4) As long as the Israelites were working hard, sowing and doing all the right things, the enemies left them alone. As soon as it was time to reap the harvest/benefit from all their labor, the Midianites, Amalekites and people of the east raided their fields, stole their crops, and destroyed everything the God’s people had worked for. The enemies of our souls and destinies are determined to scatter all the things that should benefit us.

5) Gideon had a divine encounter that changed everything! Just as God revealed to Gideon the revelation of his new identity (“Mighty Man of Valor”) and the revelation of his new reality (“The Lord is with you”), God is going to visit AWC with divine encounters during this conference and minister new anointing, reveal new identities, and empower his people to walk in their new realities and give them victory over all their financial oppressors!” heralded Dr. Ampiah-Kwofie.

If those were only a few of the appetizers presented, can you imagine what the meals will be like? See ya there!

Jennifer T. Randolph

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